The visitors

The Visitors

The Mpora Rural Family Home provides a great place for visitors of this area of Uganda to stay in a peaceful and relaxing environment. You can just sit back and follow the pattern of a Ugandan day or take advantage of their local guides to visit many of the interesting sites either on foot, by car or bikes which are available to hire. See Guided Visits for more details.

Meet Valerie

Visiting the Mpora Rural Family Home was an overwhelming experience. I’m not sure I have ever met such polite and kind children anywhere in the world. I was heart-warmed by their aspirations for a better life for them and their families. The Mpora Rural Family Home is right in the middle of the Ruwenzori foothills. It is a dramatically beautiful area to visit. If you’re in Uganda I really recommend you make a visit to the Mpora Rural Family Home part of your trip. You could find, like I did, that it turns out to be the best part of your holiday!

Meet John

I stayed with the Mpora Family as part of a cycling holiday around the Western area of Uganda. Patrick our cycle guide had lived and stayed with the Mpora Family as a child and so we were all welcomed as part of the extended family! We enjoyed a much needed bush shower after a day’s cycle and tucked into a traditional diner and a couple of cold beers bought at the local trading post watching the sun set over the Rwenzori Mountains.  A hearty breakfast of eggs, bread and tea and we were off to the shouts and cries of all the children as they cam to wave us off.

Meet Caroline 

I was greeted at Mpora homestay by several of the young boys who delighted me with their company during my stay. I basically hung out with them all for about 4 days, playing cards, going for walks around the village, visiting their school, going to a local football match and getting a glimpse of their daily life. I lived in my own small one-roomed round hut, and ate regular freshly prepared meals with one or two of the teenagers or young boys from the home. On trips around town I was accompanied by a couple of the older boys, and discussed life in the village, their studies, the local news!   It was great to see Ugandan life from a completely fresh perspective at Mpora family home. My advice to anyone thinking of visiting would be definitely go!

Meet Gabrielle 

I’ve returned to Africa three times just to drop in on the Mpora Rural Family Home. It was a fascinating insight into rural life. The walks and trips into the surrounding area were enthralling. I set off with a couple whom I met at the Homestay and walked into the stunning Ruwenzori foothills. I cycled to the Caves and tracked the Chimpanzees. Whatever I wanted to do, Morence, or one of the young people who live at the Family Home could help me out. The most inspirational thing about staying at Mpora Rural Family home is the people who live there. Staying here is a chance to relax or explore in a perfect rural location. By staying you are helping to pay the school fees of the kids who live there. What could be better?

Meet Rob

Christmas is a special time here as well. The children rehearse for their concert, a wonderful mixture of traditional tales dance and music, involving the whole local community. A trip to Fort Portal for the huge weekly market, is a special treat for all and is indeed a spectacle. On their return, the compound and sloping pasture become venues for football, netball, volleyball, chase, and conversation. Having the opportunity to share this fascinating environment of natural beauty and enthusiastic contentment with friendly, gentle people makes a visit to Mpora a priceless experience.        

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